spray tan

Spray Tanning

Sunescape is your ticket to that post-holiday glow, without leaving home. Its lush coconut vanilla scent was also developed to conjure thoughts of the perfect tropical escape.

Who wants a spray tan that looks like you’ve had a spray tan?

Instead, after a Sunescape tan, people will be asking you “where have you been?”

Sunescape Pricing

Full body application £28.00

  • Course of 3 £66.00
  • Course of 5 £99.00
  • Legs only £20.00

Tanning Party

You’ve thrown tupperware parties, cosmetics parties,lingerie parties… well now it’s time to introduce TAN PARTIES.

What’s a Tan Party?

Basically, invite a number of friends to our salon and all get tanned at once.

Ideal for Hen Parties, pre-wedding, pre-holiday tan and the host will get their tan for free!

Sunescape Candles