CACI Buckingham

CACI Consultation & Trial | £35.00 

Discover CACI with 0ur expert therapists in this consultation & trial where we will assess which course of CACI is best for you based on your skin goals and lifestyle.

CACI Classic | 1hr £60.00  

The non-surgical facial toning system gently helps tighten and tone sagging muscles while smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The dual tipped probes increase the effect on the muscles producing immediate dramatic results.

*New*CACI Ultra Synergy |  1hr 15mins £80.00 

A combination of CACI Classic, Microcurrent, laser and ultrasound in one state-of-the-art skin regeneration system. Now with S.P.E.D Microcurrent Technology using high brilliance LED light therapy simultaneously with CACI microcurrent for enhanced results.

Effectively and painlessly tackles harsh face and body imperfections.

This unique system enables a variety of facial and body treatments to be completed to suit all skin types, skin problems and muscle tone.

Course of ten recommended. Maintenence treatment every 4 weeks is advised.

CACI Ultimate | 80mins | £105.00

As the name suggests The CACI Ultimate really is the Ultimate aesthetic treatment system.

As the very first treatment system to combine; Microcurrent, Facial Toning Crystal Free orbital Microdermabrasion and, LED Light Therapy Photo Stimulation the CACI Ultimate is truly the most versatile treatment system available.

CACI Eye Treatments | 25mins | £35.00

Specifically designed for the eye area eradicating fine lines, puffiness and dark circles for that wide-eyed look.

CACI Jowl Lift | 25 mins | £38.00

This treatment helps improve the appearance of sagging jowls by using the Quad Probes which have been specifically developed to target the muscles around the jaw line.

Lip Plump/Perfect Pout | 10 mins | £15.00

Get those lips looking juicy and luscious! Using the CACI award winning Amino Lift Peptide Complex and electrical stimulation with red LED light therapy to immediately plump the lips.

*NEW* CACI Hydratone Synergy| 25mins | £35.00

Combines active  S.P.E.D micro-current with a unique electrically conductive gel mask. The Hydro Mask is infused with powerful hydrating properties (collagen, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin E) to deeply nourish and deliver a surge of moisture to the skin, that will soothe and calm any skin redness and irritation. Great for a special occasion and perfect for brides to be.

The treatment works spectacularly when combined with the CACI classic and Caci Ultra Synergy non-surgical lifting treatments.

CACI Microdermabrasion | 45 mins | £60.00

A revolutionary, non-invasive skin resurfacing and rehydration treatment to improve any skin conditions from acne to ageing.

This procedure can also help treat unwanted stretch marks, unwanted pigmentation and scarring on the face and body.

Course of six treatment recommend with monthly maintenance thereafter.