Body endermologie®

endermologie® is the only 100% natural and non-invasive mechanical skin stimulation technique that reactivates cells’ processes and a clinically-proven method for reducing cellulite, reshaping body contours and improving overall skin fitness.

How does LPG endermologie® body work?

Results are achieved through the mechanical massage of the connective tissue that stimulates the slimming cells and reactivates the natural release of fat, even the most resistant to physical exercise and diet. Simultaneously, the mechanical action of the treatment head firms’ skin to give it back its firmness and tonicity.

endermologie® Body is the ultimate solution for:

  • Smoothing cellulite
  • Reducing localised, resistant, excess fat
  • Post pregnancy body reshaping
  • Toning loose skin
  • Slimming body contours
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Reducing back pain

Visible results from the 3rd treatment!

Consultation & Trial of endermologie® Body Treatment | from £35.00 – We will carry out an in-depth assessment to understand your goals and lifestyle to create a customised endermologie programme that is as unique to you.

endermologie® Body Individual Treatment | from £70.00 | 45 minutes

endermologie® Body Express Treatment | from £35.00 | 30 minutes – Targeted treatments for the area of your choice with a quick and highly effective treatment. (Ask your LPG Expert for details)

Special packages are available for a course of treatments. Get in contact for details.

 Face endermologie®

endermologie® is a non-aggressive, 100% natural and effective anti-ageing cellular stimulation for men and women of all ages. This technique replenishes the skin and diminishes the signs of ageing, leaving your face looking radiant and rejuvenated.
It is the only technique in the world capable of stimulating the natural production of hyaluronic acid by an increase of +80%* without the use of injectable sources.

How does endermologie® Face work?

The skin is given a workout with motorized flaps that awaken the natural synthesis of essential rejuvenating substances. This cell stimulation then helps fibroblasts to boost their production of collagen (firmness), elastin (suppleness), and hyaluronic acid (volume and hydration) naturally present in our skin.

endermologie® Face is the ultimate solution for:

  • Smoothing wrinkles & fine lines
  • Reducing the appearance of dark circles and eye bags
  • Improving skin radiance
  • Reducing double chin
  • Firming skin

Visible results from the 1st treatment! 

Endermolift Face | £75.00 | 60 minutes 

Detox Treatment Stimulates toxin elimination by re-oxygenating the skin for a unified and radiant complexion.

Glow Treatment Gently exfoliates, restarts microcirculation for a unified complexion and extra skin luminosity.

Total Eye Treatment Reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffs, fills in eye contour wrinkles and opens up the eyelids for a wide awake look.

Anti-Aging Replumping Treatment Harmonises facial volumes, restores skin density and fills the lines and wrinkles from within.

Anti-Aging Firming Treatment Restores skin suppleness and elasticity thanks to its firming action for a true lifting effect.

Decollete & Bust Treatment Redencifies tissues in depth, fuills wrinkles and firms the skin for a re-densified and smoothed decollete.

Anti-Aging Resulpting Treatment Resculpts the face and double chin and firms the skin for redefined facial contours.

New LPG Peeling | £95.00 | 60 minutes 

The New Endermolift technology and the LPG Peeling Technology combine to achieve unique results. The treatment is a youth activator that revives face and neck cellular regeneration for a “new skin” effect. An exclusive combination of Endermolift treatment with superficial chemical exfoliation that optimises cellular regeneration and skin radiance.

New Express Treatments | £35.00 | 15 minutes 

Targeted treatments for the area of your choice with a quick and highly effective treatment. (Ask your LPG Expert for details)