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Protect your skin from sun damage

The weather warming up is a sure sign that summer is on its way! Sun, sand and sangria are all on the horizon, but if you’re not careful sun damage could be an addition to that list too.

We all know how important it is to lather on the SPF when we head off on holiday, but what about when we’re exposed to the sun in the UK? Protecting yourself from the suns damaging rays when we’re out and about back home is just as important to protect against sun damage, a leading cause of premature ageing.

No matter what your age, if you’re a sun worshiper that avoids the sun cream over time this leads to the accumulation of molecular damage in the skin, ultimately resulting in premature signs of ageing like hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. You might not see it now if you’re in your 20’s but you’ll start noticing the true effects of your SPF neglect around 10 years later.

We’ve put together all the facts and our top SPF tips to make sure you’re well protected in the sun this summer.

The difference between UVA, UVB & SPF

When it comes to picking out your sun protection SPF is the important factor to consider which is the ‘sun protection factor’ against UVB radiation which is the cause of skin cancer. The higher the SPF number the longer you can stay in the sun without burning.

You also need to consider the UVA protection as these are the rays that contribute to premature ageing, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. These rays also penetrate the skin more deeply than UVB so a broad spectrum, high factor sunscreen is needed.

Harmony top tips for sun-protected skin

  1. Whatever the weather

You only need to apply sun protection on sunny days, right? Actually, completely wrong! Even on a cloudy day, damaging UVA and UVB rays push their way through the cloud cover and come out stronger the other side. Therefore, it’s important to apply sun protection come rain or shine and even when you’re inside. If you’re sat next to a window rays are still penetrating your skin, so experts advise making SPF part of your everyday routine to protect against skin cancer or early ageing whatever you’re doing.

  1. Protect your lips

When we mention skin, the lips are so easily forgotten, but it’s just as important to protect your lips with an SPF. They are very susceptible to burning as the lips don’t have melanin which helps protect against damaging UV rays. Try using a lip moisturiser with SPF 20 at least 15 minutes before entering the sun to reduce risks of damage.

  1. Shades that actually shade

No summer outfit is complete without a killer set of shades, but have you ever considered the damage they could be causing? Not wearing sunglasses with UV protection can burn your eyeballs, cause wrinkles around your eyes and damage your vision! Avoid sunglasses that say “absorbs UV,” instead look for a label that says 99-100 percent UV absorption or UV 400 (which means they block all UVA and UVB rays)

Your SPF protection

Not sure what SPF is for you?  Use this handy chart to find out which Dermalogica sunscreen is right for you and pop into the salon to purchase.Sun damage

Already suffering the signs of sun damage? Whatever stage your skin is at or damage concern, we offer some amazing specialist skin treatments in our Buckingham beauty salon to help you get your glow back. Find out what sun damage repair treatment is for you.