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Travel Tips to Keep your Skin Happy on Holiday 

With summer in full swing, millions of us are preparing to jet off for a week or two of sun, sand and relaxation. With this comes a multitude of factors that puts pressure on our skin and we need to adapt our skincare routine to fight back. 

We’ve put together our essential actions to take care of your skin pre, during and post holiday to ensure it remains nourished, healthy and happy! 

Before you go  
Pack carefully  

Holiday Packing

Packing means limited space and you probably won’t be able to pack all your beauty saviours. Instead, think about where you’re going and how the climate is most likely going to affect your skin. 

Opt for multi-purpose products too, like a moisturiser that can be used day and night. If you really can’t live without them all try and buy in travel sizes so you’ll be able to squeeze more in. 

Avoid sunbeds 

We know it can be tempting to get a base tan before your travels, but sunbeds aren’t the answer! They emit UV rays that can damage the collagen and elastin tissue in your skin cells. This can increase pore size, development of wrinkles and your risk of developing skin cancer. 

We advise either using a gradual tinted moisturiser or getting your faux glow with a Sunscape Spray Tan.

For the plane  
Apply simple make-up 

Try and wear as little make-up as possible on the day of travel, and if you can go foundation free. Flying dries out skin, so instead pack a hydrating moisturiser, serum or oil in your carry on you can apply in-flight whenever your skin feels dry.   

Make sure you hydrate from within by consuming plenty of water on the flight too.  

If you’re meeting someone directly off a flight pack your make-up essentials and apply just before landing. 

Feed your skin  

Limited food options in airports and on flights can mean it can be challenging to find something healthy and good for your skin. 

Try and opt for lighter meals and low oil foods to avoid a mid-flight breakout! Pack healthy snacks like nuts, and fruit to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh.  

Whilst on holiday  

An absolutely must every day is applying sunscreen! Sun damage isn’t pretty and UV exposure caused premature ageing, so make sure you apply 30 minutes before sun exposure and top up every 2 hours.  

A teaspoon for the face is just enough and about a shot glass size for the body. 

Pucker up  

Most people overlook their lips when it comes to protection, but it’s just as important. Pack a lip balm that has SPF in it to keep your pout looking smooth and healthy.   

Soothe overexposed skin 

Holiday trip

Hydrating your whole body after a day sunbathing will soothe your skin, especially if you’ve managed to burn. 

Nourish both the face and body by keeping your moisturiser and body lotion in the fridge for an extra cooling effect.  

On your return  

Keep moisturising daily when you return to nourish the skin and balance moisture levels which will help prolong your tan. As hard as we try most of us return with some burnt patches so use after sun to prevent further damage and avoid peeling.  

Keep things simple  

Don’t rush to apply all your beauty favourites you had to leave behind as soon as you get home! Use a gentle cleanser to rid any blocked pores as your skin will most likely be sensitive and suffering from some level of sun damage. Leave the exfoliators on the shelf too for a few weeks as these can irritate skin further and speed up the natural skin peeling process. 

Holiday Packing

If you have any skin concerns or questions for keeping your skin happy pre, during or post-holiday, get in touch and our therapists can advise what treatments and products will keep you looking and feeling your best!