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Dermalogica Skin Specialists in Buckingham – The Importance of Skin Mapping®

Healthy, glowing and problem-free skin is something we all wish for. But for some of us, after buying and trying countless exfoliators and spot creams, it may seem like a fantasy. But with Dermalogica Face Mapping®, it doesn’t have to be so tricky.

Everyone has their own unique skin concerns that require different products and treatments. The trouble is, high street shopping for products whose labels claim to achieve overnight results may not help you, even if they’ve helped others with your same skin concern. This is because of the simple fact that everyone’s skin concerns differ – there are multiple types of acne, different levels of oiliness or dryness, different types of pigmentation, and so on. Skincare products just aren’t a “one fits all” sort of thing.

No two faces are the same, and that’s where we come in, to help provide you with the information you need, to know your skin.

Dermalogica Face Mapping® is a complimentary consultation where your unique skin zones are assessed and your specific skin type and concerns are revealed. Your Dermalogica skin specialist will then provide you with a personalised home care and treatment regimen.

Using the products prescribed to you will make an astounding difference to your results. Our skin specialists will recommend the right products for your skin from Dermalogica. Our treatment plan here at Harmony includes facials specifically designed for your concerns, such as the ProSkin60®.


The ProSkin60® is a treatment 100% customised to the skin concerns we discover in your Face Mapping® skin analysis. Each treatment includes professional double cleansing, exfoliation, extractions (as needed), masque, toner and skin protection. Dermalogica Skin Specialists Buckingham

The Dermalogica product lines used in this facial will differ depending on your skin – we will choose between:

Age Smart – to tackle and control those tell-tale signs of skin ageing.

MediBac Clearing – to eliminate adult acne. Includes black head extraction and breakout prevention.

UltraCalming – to relieve the inflammation and irritation that comes with sensitive skin.

Power Bright – to brighten, improve and enhance your skin tone.

We offer a wide range of other facial treatments if your skin needs something a little different. These include a Clear Start Teen Facial for younger skin, the Pro Power Peel® and customised Dermalogica Touch Therapies.

Your Treatment Plan

It’s important once a treatment plan/regimen is prescribed to you, that you keep up with it. Booking in and attending monthly facial appointments (or however frequently is recommended for you by our skin experts) will ensure incredible results and the best skin you’ve ever had. Treatment plans are often neglected in favour of cheaper high street or over-the-counter products that aren’t prescribed to your unique skin and won’t achieve the same outcome.

We don’t neglect our health when it comes to doctor and dentist check-ups, and it’s important to do the same for our skin! Get into a good routine of skin treatments and, once you’ve achieved your skin goals, you will never look back.

Find out more about Skin Mapping, or book your appointment with one of our skin experts.